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5th District Convention


Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Wilkes Agricultural Center

416 Executive Drive

Wilkesboro, NC 28697


Open to all Democrat County Delegates recently elected at county convention for the following counties:

Alexander, Alleghany, Ashe, Catawba, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Iredell, Rowan, Watauga, Wilkes and Yadkin.


Any and all other registered Democrats are certainly welcome with non-voting privileges. 




  • 9:00am – 12:00pm: Registration

  • 9:00am: Light Breakfast

  • 9:30am:  Training Sessions

    • Voter Protection

    • County Leadership Roundtable

  • 11:00am:  Lunch (BBQ with vegetarian options available)

  • 12:00pm:  Convention Begins (registration closes when voting begins)

    • ​Brief National Delegate Candidate Speeches to each Caucus

    • Voting of National Delegates

    • Voting of Other Positions

    • Resolutions


National Delegate Elections


This convention will operate along the old district lines for purposes of voting and electing delegates. Business for the District Convention will include electing delegates to the National Convention in Philadelphia in July. We remind Convention Delegates that they will be asked to “declare” for their preferred Presidential candidate at registration in order to vote at this special district convention election. 


Note: There is no proxy voting at conventions. Your county’s vote is divided equally among those delegates who can attend. If someone is unable to attend, they cannot send someone in their place.


All the district delegates who prefer Hillary Clinton will elect the Hillary Clinton delegates to the National Convention and all those who prefer Bernie Sanders will elect the Bernie Sanders delegates to the National Convention.  


Each candidate for the National Convention will be allowed 1 minute to speak / campaign for their caucus' vote. Please be respectful of the time and keep your comments brief, as we have a lot of candidates. 


The State Party has provided a process to ensure that the vote-counting is fair for all. Each county will need to provide 2 tellers (vote counters) for each candidate in the caucus to help tally votes to the Main Teller. For more information from the NCDP on the election of National Convention Delegates CLICK HERE.


Other Important Elections


Additional elections will be held for one representative from our district for each of the following positions. Please consider someone in your county for nomination. We want representation from across the 5th District. 


Council of Review

This committee meets as needed to handle disputes that arise between individuals, counties, districts, or the state party.  The disputes arise out of meetings, elections, or job performances.  The council sits as a jury with the Chairman, in essence, serving as the judge.  You have to hear the evidence and then decide whether there is a violation of the Plan of Organization.  A full description is found in Section 9 of the Plan of Organization. 


Credentials and Appeals

This committee meets at the state convention and is there to handle disputes arising from the seating of delegates.  They certify that all delegates present were checked in properly and everyone seated should be seated and allowed to vote.  They also oversee and help with the tabulation of votes and make sure voting members are the only ones casting votes.


Platform and Resolutions

They meet yearly at the discretion of the chair except in even number years when we have a state convention.  Their responsibility is to help form the platform for the state party based on the resolutions passed at all levels over the previous years.  They are also responsible for processing and organizing resolutions, and voting whether to give them a favorable vote to be heard by the state convention or state executive committee.


Presidential Elector

Is elected to be the official person who signs the document certifying that all our delegates will be pledged to the candidate that wins the most votes in this state for President.  If the Democrat nominee wins this state, then you will go to Raleigh on an appointed day to take part in the ceremonies and officially sign your name to the document.  It usually takes place in the Old State House.  If another party wins this state, then you do not become an official Elector.  If you currently hold elected government office – or could be elected to government office before serving as an Elector – or if you hold more than one appointed government office, you cannot be an Elector unless you resign your position in office.




The below resolutions were passed at the County level during last months' County Conventions. They will be presented and voted on at the District Convention for approval at the State Democratic Convention in June. Click HERE to download and read all resolutions in one convenient document (.pdf format) prior to the convention.


  • Resolution 1 "The Tax Policies of the Republicans in the General Assembly Continue To Punish he Poor and Middle Class"

  • Resolution 2 "The US Senate Should Do Its Job"

  • Resolution 3 "Resolution on Climate Change

  • Resolution 4 "Resolution in Support of a North Carolina Constitutional Amendment for Redistricting Reform"

  • Resolution 5 "Resolution Honoring President Barack Obama"

  • Resolution 6 "Resolution Expressing Concern Regarding Inadequately Considered Provisions and Consequences of HB2 and Calling for Review and Reconsideration of the Legislation"

  • Resolution 7 "Resolution To Adopt and Publish a Values Statement for the Adoption By State Democratic Party"

  • Resolution 8 "Resolution To Energize Resistance to Government Decision and Policies Which Have a Negative Impact on the People of North Carolina"



We will act boldly We will act decisively We will act in unity


We believe that, by working energetically toward these goals, we will help sustain our nation’s democracy and improve the life of every person in the 5th Congressional District.
General Schedule
National Delegate Election
Other Elections
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