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for NC's 5th Congressional District  ~ November 2022
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Kyle Parrish
Kyle Parrish is a 56-year-old full-time IT professional who has a degree in business and a master's certificate in health policy.  He is a first-time candidate who is committed to helping our district out Foxx. 
"I am running because no candidate should go unopposed, much less a 9-term fixture who does nothing to help the bulk of her constituents.  I am here to hold her accountable for her complete lack of action and her actions that are, frankly, offensive.  No more free passes.

Second, the citizens of the 5th deserve a representative who is fighting for ALL of them, from the smokies to Winston, not just those who don't need it anyway.


And last, but certainly not least, we face existential threats to our democracy, both across the country and within our state.  


  • There was no fraud in 2020. 

  • We do not need new voting laws. 

  • Gerrymandering is voter suppression. 

  • There is no "tyranny" that requires civil war.  


The legislation arising from the "Big Lie" is nothing more than an effort to subvert the future will/vote of the American people. To counter these threats, we need new ways of working together - across parties - until the problem is resolved.  Even the NC Republican Party Agrees
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Meet Kyle
at our Upcoming 5th District Democratic Convention
on May 21st!

Alleghany • Ashe • Avery • Caldwell • Davie • Forsyth •  Mitchell • Stokes • Surry • Watauga • Wilkes • Yadkin

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