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#FairMaps Update

It's....complicated to say the least.


We've had a constant battle against Gerrymandered maps since 2016. Racial bias and extreme partisan bias have been blatant and for the most part the court has upheld our arguments. However, this has been very time consuming and the end result as of now are maps that are slightly less biased. Where the GOP once solid in 11 of the state's 13 Congressional Districts, it is now only expected to be strong in 8 of those. Ideally, we'd like completely fair maps drawn by unbiased panel, but this is what we have until the maps are redrawn AGAIN to adjust for the latest Census figures happening in 2020. 


What we DO know for certain is that the NC Republican-majority General Assembly must be broken in the upcoming 2020 elections in order for the relentless attack on Voter's Rights and Fair Maps to cease, to quit wasting taxpayers money, to allow the legislators to create legislation that actually helps our state, and to ensure that the people of NC have a fair choice in the candidates that are supposed to be representing them in the NC General Assembly. 

  • 12/2/19 “There's simply not sufficient time to fully develop the factual record necessary to decide the constitutional challenges to the new congressional districts without significantly delaying the primary elections,” Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway said from the bench. “It is time for the citizens to vote.”

A 3-judge panel decided that the maps Republican Legislators redrew last month would have to stand, with the party primaries for NC now being in March for Super Tuesday.  There wasn't time to scrutinize for additional extreme party bias.. However, both congressional and legislative districts will be redrawn in 2021, based on 2020 census figures.. READ MORE HERE

  • 11/15/19 Republicans Redrew a Gerrymandered Map. Try Again, Say Democrats

North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature, under a court order to throw out its gerrymandered congressional map, on Friday enacted a new one that effectively gives the party eight of the state’s 13 congressional seats instead of the 10 it had before.... READ MORE HERE

  • 10/28/19 Court Freezes North Carolina's Gerrymandered Map

A three-judge panel in Wake County preparing to hear a case over whether the congressional districts are politically gerrymandered granted a motion Monday to put the map on ice..... READ MORE HERE

  • 2/7/18 US Supreme Supreme Court says SOME, but not ALL, new legislative districts can be used in 18 elections

The U.S. Supreme Court said Tuesday that some of the state legislative districts drawn by Special Master Persily should be used in North Carolina's 2018 elections, but those in Wake and Mecklenburg counties should not, at least for now... READ MORE HERE


  • 1/20/18 In NC redistricting case, federal judges tell lawmakers to use Stanford professor’s maps

A panel of federal judges has ordered North Carolina lawmakers to use maps created by a Stanford University law professor in the coming elections – in the second ruling this week on a state redistricting case. READ MORE HERE

  • 12/1/17 'Special master' submits final N.C. redistricting maps

Despite the fact that Persily’s report features extended sections in which he highlights the need to reject the proposed plans of the civil rights advocates who were plaintiffs in the case as producing results that would be impermissibly partisan, the report nonetheless provoked an immediate and scathing assessment from defendant legislative Republicans. READ MORE HERE


  • 10/26/17 Stanford professor draws maps to correct NC gerrymanders. Now he wants feedback.

A federal court has found it to be likely that lawmakers did not remedy unconstitutional racial gerrymanders in nine state House and Senate districts, and has appointed a special master to help it make a final determination. READ MORE HERE


  • 8/4/17 The NC General Assembly is Asking for Your Input On Legislative Maps

On August 4, the Joint Redistricting Committee will take public comment on criteria for redrawing legislative maps. While these maps have already been drawn, you will want to make your voice heard to encourage maps drawn without racial or political bias. They've provided an ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM FOR PUBLIC COMMENT.


  • 7/31/17 No Special NC Elections This Year; Judges Order Quick Drawing of Maps to Correct Unconstitutional Gerrymanders

“We agree with Plaintiffs that the General Assembly already has had ample time to enact a remedial redistricting plan,” the judges said in their unanimous ruling. “We also agree that constitutionally adequate districts should be enacted as quickly as possible to protect the rights of North Carolina citizens and to minimize any chilling effect on political participation attributable to the continued absence of a districting plan in the face of a finding of unconstitutional racial gerrymandering.” READ THE FULL NEWS & OBSERVER STORY HERE


  • 1/10/17 Supreme Court of the United States Puts 2017 NC Legislative Election on Hold 

The US Supreme Court ordered a stay pending review on the NC district maps - ruled to be unconstitutionally racially gerrymandered by a lower court - be postponed while it reviews the Republican's appeal. The March 15th deadline is now currently on hold. Elections likely will not be until 2018 due to the SCOTUS stay. 



  • 12/16/16  North Carolina's 'Legislative Coup' Is Over, and Republicans Won

Legislators passed a slate of bills to sharply reduce the power of the incoming governor, over the heated objections of Democrats and hundreds of protestors. A legislative power grab pure and simple.



  • 11/29/16  Court Orders Special Legislative Elections for 2017

A federal court on Tuesday ordered North Carolina to hold a special legislative election next year after 28 state House and Senate districts are redrawn to comply with a gerrymandering ruling.


  • 08/31/16  Non-Partisan Drawn Maps Raise NC GOP Legislators' Ire

A new unofficial congressional district map released Monday by a bipartisan panel of former state judges was not received warmly by the members of the General Assembly who have the legal authority to set election district lines.

The proposal, a result of a joint project between Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy and Common Cause North Carolina, is an attempt to show how a redistricting plan that made no attempt to offer an advantage to either major political party would work. READ THE FULL STORY HERE


  • 7/29/16 Voter Suppression / Voter ID Laws Overturned! 

Sweeping 83-page decision by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upended voting procedures in a battleground state about three months before Election Day. That ruling and a second wide-ranging decision on Friday, in Wisconsin, continued a string of recent court opinions against restrictive voting laws that critics say were created solely to keep minority and other traditionally Democratic voters away from the polls.


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